Technical Writer at Prismic


Created the first learning objective and reduced the documentation user feedback backlog by 50%.

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Created and updated product documentation across technical references, content manager guides, core concepts, frameworks, and how-to articles.

Developed new documentation such as Repository API technical reference and Taxonomies how-to. Performed significant updates to documentation such as the combining several GraphQL articles into one technical reference.

Managed documentation user feedback, reducing the backlog by 50%.

Created the first learning objective and helped to develop a guide on creating learning objectives for all documentation.

Developed several Next and Nuxt sites to create new documentation, test user feedback, and keep up to date with product developments.

Create Taxonomies with Next.js

Created a new how-to article for creating Taxonomies with Next.js and Prismic.

Explained the complex process of how to create, fetch, route, and display an extensible taxonomy system in an easy to understand step-by-step format.

GraphQL API Technical Reference

Consolidated the previous GraphQL documentation into a single API reference.

Provided greater detail on how to construct a GraphQL query with Prismic, an API definition of the fields and arguments, and how to use unions to query slices, links, and content relationships.


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