Louise Findlay

Front-End Developer & UX Designer

"Louise was very helpful in developing my website. Even when I was unsure exactly what would be required, she made the process easy and enjoyable and she responded quickly when I had any questions. I look forward to continue working with her thanks to her Support Care Plan. I can concentrate on making my sewing classes a success and use her expertise in keeping my website fast, safe and secure."
Jane Clark, The Stitch Fairie
"Louise was instrumental in bringing my business online. I tried to do it myself but found the process complicated and confusing. She talked me through every step and she suggested alternatives that would be easier to use. I needed a simple drag and drop interface so I could make changes myself so she installed a WordPress page builder and demonstrated how to use it."
Irene Hamilton, Arteriale
"Louise created our whole digital presence from scratch (Facebook Page and Landing Page) and by taking control of our Google Business Listing, she increased our reviews by 50% and earned us a 4.4 star rating."
Julie Grant, Hair by Julie
"Louise is a confident and hardworking student. She is very good at working on her own projects and designs while also delivering the same high standard of work within her group projects. She also participated in WorldSkills last year, hosted in Glasgow. Louise's work has always been of a high standard but also shows a lot of creative input."
Michael Algeo, Digital Design & Development lecturer
"The BBC iPlayer app is incredible and above and beyond the requirements. It's smooth, the transitions are great, the interactivity is great and it looks the part. Well done."
Zac Anderson, Digital Design & Development lecturer

Aurora is a web application that helps to find the best locations for observing the Aurora Borealis in Great Britain. In a team with a designer and two software developers, I consulted with the designer and developed most of the front-end in HTML and CSS without any frameworks.

Having never done any back-end development or database work before, in two weeks I implemented a photo-uploading system (using Node, Express, EJS, MongoDB, Multer and Sharp.)

Project Details

Needs and Offers is a demand side marketplace where users tell the market exactly what they are looking for, and the market then replies with people who are willing to deliver goods and services.

My project for Hack Quarantine (a COVID-19 themed virtual hackathon) was to create a landing page for Needs & Offers, a web app from San Francisco startup, Drag Labs. I designed the landing page using Adobe XD, taking inspiration from the web app and developed it using HTML, CSS and JS.

I was also one of the top three most active participants out of 5,323 hackers.

Project Details

One of my freelance clients, Jane Clark required a website where participants could book a space in her classes and pay using PayPal. It needed to be usable for her less tech-savvy audience and to clearly differentiate events that take place at both venues.

I set up Tribe Commerce integration with the Events Calendar and Events Ticket plugins and made changes to the UX based on user feedback.

Jane ongoing support to manage and maintain her website so she could continue sewing so I created a bespoke care plan for her.

Project Details

I approached the local Dufftown hairdresser, Hair by Julie to develop a website because they had none. My goal was to emphasise their USPs, their history as the oldest hairdresser in the town and their customer centric friendly behaviour.

Utilising their existing colour scheme and shop signage, I created a logo and typography for their branding. I designed a website with carousels for client and employee testimonials that would give users a taste of the Hair by Julie experience.

They also wanted my assistance in updating their Google business listing and revitalising their Facebook page.

Project Details

Following on from the SilverNote project, we were assigned to create a mobile web app prototype for BBC iPlayer. We divided the site into eight sections and took two each. Once the skeleton was created, I worked on the carousel and search areas.

As it was a mobile app, the carousel had to be touch-friendly so I used the plugin, Flickity which was easy to use and very customisable. When the TV Show section was complete, it was integrated together so clicking on a cell showed metadata from the TVDB.

Project Details

SilverNote Music is a music enterprise hub in Aberdeen that want to promote new music. They tasked me and three others to work as a team to create a responsive site that catered to those viewing on computers as well as a younger, mobile audience.

My main responsibilities were communicating with our client and developing the artist page. I pitched the prototype to the wider organisation and gathered feedback from the band members. This feedback informed the music players I created on the artist profiles.

Project Details