Louise Findlay

Web Designer



"Louise is a confident and hardworking student. She is very good at working on her own projects and designs while also delivering the same high standard of work within her group projects. She also participated in WorldSkills last year, hosted in Glasgow. Louise's work has always been of a high standard but also shows a lot of creative input."
Michael Algeo, Digital Design & Development lecturer
"The SilverNote website look and feel overall is very good. The transitions and animations when you select the options is great. Well done."
Zac Anderson, Digital Design & Development lecturer
"The BBC iPlayer app is incredible and above and beyond the requirements. It's smooth, the transitions are great, the interactivity is great and it looks the part. Well done."
Zac Anderson, Digital Design & Development lecturer

SilverNote Music is a music enterprise hub in Aberdeen that want to promote new music. They tasked me and three others to work as a team to create a responsive website that catered to those viewing on computers as well as a younger, mobile audience.

My main responsibilities were communicating with our client and developing the artist page. I pitched the prototype to the wider organisation and gathered feedback from the band members. This feedback informed the music players I created on the artist profiles.

Following on from the SilverNote project, we were assigned to create a mobile web app prototype for BBC iPlayer. We divided the website into eight sections and took two each. Once the skeleton was created, I worked on the carousel and search areas.

As it was a mobile app, the carousel had to be touch-friendly so I used the plugin, Flickity which was easy to use and very customisable. When the TV Show section was complete, it was integrated together so clicking on a cell showed metadata from the TVDB.

I was tasked to research a framework to create a website to drive creative novices to use the Microsoft Surface line of products. I chose Foundation because it gave me the freedom to design my own custom layout and using its stylings only when needed.

I decided to focus on three categories of people, beginners with little technical profiency, students studying the creative and digital arts and travellers who are always on the go and love to explore new things.