Louise Findlay

Front-End Web Developer

The hero and features section of the Needs and Offers landing page showcased on a tablet
The features section of the Needs & Offers Landing Page showcased on a screen
The Launch Web App section of the Needs & Offers Landing Page

Details of Development

Languages & Libraries Used

San-Francisco start-up, Drag Labs had an iOS app, CoCre8 which they wanted to fork and develop into a social marketplace web app as part of Hack Quarantine. I joined the project as a Front-End Developer/UX Designer to improve their app design and create a landing page.

Using Slack, Figma and Adobe XD's collaborative features, I designed mock-ups for desktop, tablet and mobiles and worked with the rest of the team despite some of us residing in the UK, USA and Cuba.

Once the designs were approved, I developed the landing page as a static site (for fast loading times) which was deployed through continuous integration from Gitlab to AWS.

As one of the top three most active participants in the hackathon out of 5,323 hackers, I was featured in their closing ceremony.

Languages & Libraries Used

The logo for vanilla JavaScript, a language that I used on the Needs & Offers landing page