Louise Findlay

Front-End Web Developer

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The booking page of the Camperceilidh website

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Eileen O'Farrell, the director of Camperceilidh, needed a booking website so she could start her campervan rental business within a week.

Having originally bought a template (that was clunky, americanised and too complicated for her to use), I quickly developed a prototype website in four hours to show her the brand design I had envisoned.

Pleased that I'd designed exactly what she'd imagined, I added e-commerce functionality for booking rentals and deposits while communicating with her throughout the entire process to explain how the site would be developed.

The site was launched in the four day deadline and was a great success with the first booking made within twelve hours of launch.

Post launch, I gave a two hour training session to teach her how to manage her website, Google Analytics and Google Search Console. I also assisted her to convert to a Business PayPal account and create a Facebook page to promote her business.

Languages & Libraries Used

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"I was looking for assistance to develop a website for my new business. I had started the process myself and using domains and a WordPress Elementor template/plugin bundle. My goal was to have a fully functioning website that had good UI/UX, portrayed my vision of my business branding and was also professional, crisp and clean and suitable for me to manage going forward.

It became clear within a day or so that the template I had purchased from Envato was clunky, very americanised, unwieldy and beyond my technical capabilities. Working with Louise those first few days, she quickly understood my needs, my not so hot technical capabilities, but most importantly, grasped my vision for my business.

She advised that it would be quicker and easier if we started from scratch because it would make it easier for me to manage, address the security vulnerabilities she made me aware of and she could create a customized design that was in keeping with my vision.

The challenge was to have a website created from scratch and functioning by the end of one week. The new business being seasonal, and therefore time critical as lockdown was lifted. The site needed to include e-commerce and online booking functionality as well as a contact form, gallery and blog where users could create posts about their trip. It also had to be compliant with GPDR data protection regulations.

Whilst I set about creating the text and collating the media, Louise rose to the technical challenge immediately. Within 4 hours, she had developed a prototype website for me to review, detailing and explaining the intricacies of adding e-commerce and other plugins. Not only did she grasp my design vision, but she enhanced it, and created a fantastic logo for me, to help with a cost-effective launch of the business.

The website was indeed up and running on the Friday – the deadline date. Feedback from users was overwhelmingly positive. They loved the look and feel of the site and thought it was easy to use and very professionally designed. It wasn’t long before the site’s functionality was put to the test. We had our first online booking within 12 hours of launch!

After launch, she gave me a 2 hour training session, not only teaching me how to use the admin area of my site but Google Analytics and Google Search Console. I now feel confident in being able to publish blog posts, manage my booking system and see how my website is performing in searches.

Louise is clearly a very talented young lady, with knowledge, experience, technical ability and a level of professionalism beyond her years.

Louise is very approachable, patient, and accomplished in web design and development and all of the associated technicalities (domains, email and web hosting etc.), as well as dealing with clients in a professional manner and explaining to them technical concepts in an easy to understand way.

Louise has assisted with not only the website, but the setup of Business PayPal, a Business Facebook page and provided guidance on various other ad-hoc issues encountered in our intensive week of working together to achieve the desired goal.

I would highly recommend Louise for her technical ability, her dedication and commitment to the job in hand, her availability beyond the working week, and indeed her engagement and partnership like approach to accepting the challenge and making it happen."
Eileen O'Farrell, Director of Camperceilidh