Louise Findlay

Front-End Web Developer

The homepage of the Aurora web application showcased on a screen
The observation diary of a user on the Aurora web application showcased on a screen
The weather forecast and aurora status features of the Aurora web application showcased on a screen

Details of Development

Languages & Libraries Used

For this project, I was teamed up with a designer and two software developers and I taught them how to use source control which resulted in a 50% reduction in merge conflicts. I also supported the designer who was learning how to code by screensharing with him using Teamviewer. My help allowed him to contribute code to the project.

In my first time working with databases and doing back-end development, I implemented a photo-uploading system (using Node, Express, EJS, MongoDB, Multer and Sharp) in just two weeks.

An example of the feature is when users register, they can upload a profile photo (which is stored on the server via Multer and resized using Sharp.) Their photo is then displayed on their profile by storing the filepath in a MongoDB database and then displayed on the front-end using EJS templating.

Overall, I contributed 70% of the code for the web app.

Languages & Libraries Used

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"Excellent use of multiple APIs including Aurora, Leaflet and Weather. These all combine well to give seamless functionality. The server-side code is excellent. The site fully uses EJS templating including pages and partials. Extra functionality has been developed to provide file uploads etc.

The database has been fully utilised to create a login system with full profiles. The inclusion of the storing of the places to the database is very well done and shows you understand the process involved in interacting with MongoDB.

The code is well laid out, well-structured and well commented throughout. The site design is consistent throughout. The different sources are incorporated into the design creating a pretty seamless result.

Overall, an excellent site with really well used and appropriate functionality. The site works well with no evident errors. Well done, an excellent piece of work."
John Issacs, School of Computing Lecturer at Robert Gordon University