Louise Findlay

Front-End Web Developer

The login page of the Attendr mobile demo
The Student Profile and Lecture screens of the Attendr mobile demo
The Attendance Marking screens of the Attendr mobile demo

Details of Development

Languages & Libraries Used

In 24 hours, I created an interactive web element to include on the Attendr website (an attendence app for university students) for the hackathon, RGUHack2020.

Their existing website contained a slider of screenshots of the mobile app so I decided the interactivity could be improved by creating a mobile web app where users could interact with the app to act as a demo.

Attendr were so impressed with what was accomplished in just 24 hours that we won the Attendr Design challenge and asked to continue development in a freelance capacity.

The screenshots displayed are from the final version developed after the hackathon but you can view the hackathon prototype via the Github Repo link below.

Languages & Libraries Used

The logo for vanilla JavaScript, a language that I used on the Attendr interactive web element

Final Web App

Hackathon Github Repo


"I had the pleasure of working with Louise and another student to develop a demo version of our mobile app as an online marketing resource.

Throughout the project, Louise was committed to delivering a high-quality demo that not only met our expectations, but also highlighted her own brand of innovation by bringing in several of her own ideas.

The demo that her and her colleague produced is one of the highlights of our website, and really helps customers to understand how simple attendance management can be with our Attendr app.

I would happily recommend Louise to anyone looking for a web developer."
Kyle Martin, COO of Attendr