Louise Findlay

Front-End Developer & UX Designer

The login page of the Attendr mobile demo
The Student Profile page of the Attendr mobile demo
The About page of the Attendr mobile demo

Details of Development

Tools & Technologies Used

In 24 hours, I created an interactive web element to include on the Attendr website (an attendence app for university students) for the hackathon, RGUHack2020.

Their existing website contained a slider of screenshots of the mobile app so I decided the interactivity could be improved by creating a mobile web app where users could interact with the app to act as a demo.

Attendr were so impressed with what was accomplished in just 24 hours that we won the Attendr Design challenge and asked to continue development in a freelance capacity.

Tools & Technologies Used

The logo for vanilla JavaScript, a language that I used on the Attendr interactive web element

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