Two of the Surface products.

You are already creative

Unlock endless possibilities by using the Microsoft Surface line to enhance your already creative life. Like the Surface, pushes the boundaries of what computers can do, push the boundaries of what you can do. Develop your love of style whether fashion, music or art to create exquisite digital masterpieces.

You are unique so should your computer

You are a unique person with different likes and dislikes. The five devices in the Surface line-up are tailored to different people. In this modern age, people work in cafes and commute long distances, the Surface Go, a computer that can be connected wherever you are and easily packed away is ideal.

Others want the power of a desktop computer wherever they go. The Surface Book 2, nabs the latest i7 8th gen processor and GTX 1060 graphics card which is ideal for running demanding photo editing, video editing and animation programs.