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The advert I created to promote the SRP for the Benslow Music catalogue
The advert I created to promote the SRP for the Dolmetsch 80th anniversary concert
A screenshot of the start of the July 2019 eNews I sent out as E-News Editor

Brand Development

Media Created & Tools Used

I am a member of the Aberdeen branch of the Society of Recorder Players which is a UK charity (with fifty branches) promoting the recorderby delivering events and initatives such as festivals, playing days and competitions. Through their mailing list, I became aware they were in need of a Publicity Officer. Using my knowledge from the Social Media Literacy unit I undertook in my first year at college, I applied and after a Skype interview, I became the Deputy Publicity Officer.

Through their Twitter account, I created hashtags for the National Festivals and collated all the Facebook and Twitter posts from the 80th anniversary festival into an interactive timeline. After four months, I was promoted to Publicity Officer, designing advertisements for the Dolmetsch 80th anniversary recital and Benslow Music catalogue which has a subscriber reach of over 18,000.

Two years later, I was asked to take over their monthly newsletter as E-News Editor. I updated the typography and colour scheme using CSS to be inline with their latest brand redesign and introduced new features such as Evelyn's Tip of the Month.

Media Created & Tools Used

The logo for Microsoft Publisher which I used to format the advertisements
The logo for Adobe Photoshop which I used to edit the media used in the advertisements

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