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The advert for The Dragon Tempest, fantasy anthology showcasing the cover on a Kindle and in print
The front cover of the Dragon Tempest, fantasy anthology showcased on a Kindle and in print
The front cover of the fantasy anthology, The Dragon Tempest showcased on a phone, tablet and in print

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The short story, Challenging a Demon, Idiot 73,854 was devised in reponse to the Dragon Knight Chronicles' Underworld/Dark Fantasy competition. It tells the tale of a demon who is challenged by many young knights hoping to make a name for themselves.

Since the idea came from the prompt of the competition, once I finished the story I submitted it for consideration. I achieved 2nd place and received feedback and editing notes from Joshua Robertson as well as inclusion in Dragon Knight Chronicles 2nd anthology with the other competition winners that year.

The Dragon Tempest anthology is available in both print and eBook form from Amazon.

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