Louise Findlay

Front-End Web Developer

I'm a front-end web developer and 3rd year Software Development student at Robert Gordon University. I've designed and developed over 20 static websites, WordPress websites and mobile web apps.

Blogging about my technical expertise on a range of web & software development topics for Section's Engineering Education program.

Recently, I was invited to become their first Peer Reviewer, reviewing both grammar and technical content for submitted articles.

I've developed a variety of responsive websites and mobile web apps from a Aurora Borealis web app to a redesign of the BBC iPlayer mobile app using HTML, CSS and JS for static sites and Express, EJS and MongoDB for dynamic ones.

As a freelancer, I design and develop dynamic WordPress websites using the Beaver Builder page builder to make it easier for clients to make changes themselves if they so desire or offer ongoing support through care plans.

I've also participated in several hackathons and competitions such as Hack Quarantine and the Digital Skills Partnerships' National Student Software Development competition which has given me the opportunity to work on briefs by CAS and CGI and learn from other developers.

In my degree year, I transitioned from college to Robert Gordon University to study Computer Application Software Development.

In 60 days, I developed my first Android app (with no previous programming knowledge) using Java integrating the TVDB API to faciliate TV show recommendations.

I also participated in RGUHack2020 (run by the Computing Society) and developed a mobile web app to demo to the functionality of a native app for potential users.

In my HNC year, I was selected as one of the top four students to travel to Glasgow to take part in the WorldSkills Advanced Web Design heat

The challenge was to develop a website from scratch using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery to a mock-up using specified styles within four hours. The conditions were closed-book with no access to the internet so all the coding had to be done through memory.

Some of the techniques that were required were JavaScript form validation, material design stylings, dropdown search menus and tool-tip accessibility.

The logo for WordSkills UK where I competed in an Advanced Web Design heat

In my first year at NESCol, my team project won £100 for best in class for my presentation, MySpace account, responsive website and flyers. I personally achieved Computing Faculty Learner of the Year and NC Computing with Digital Media Learner of the Year for my voluntary work and attitude to helping others.

In my second year, I was elected Student Representative so I gathered student feedback and presented it several times a year to the Faculty Head, Curriculm Quality Manager and lecturers. I studied image optimisation, copyright law, user centered design and file formats to achieve an A in my Graded Unit Exam.